Intellectual Property – What YOU Need to Know to Protect Your Work

Calling all Scientists, Engineers, Artists and Innovators!


Intellectual Property 101
Gary Myles PhD, Attorney at Law   
Wednesday November 13 @ 7pm
HiveBio Community Lab


Are Intellectual Property rights at your workplace a barrier between you and your million dollar idea? Ever wanted to patent your own ideas but have no idea where to start?


Unlike corporations and major research institutions, HiveBio does not keep intellectual property rights over work done in our lab. Great, so how do I protect my work, and why do I need to?


On November 13th Advisory Board member Gary Myles, PhD and Attorney at Law, hosts our next class: Introduction to Intellectual Property. This class is designed to give you the information you need to protect your ideas and prototypes while in the design and production phases.  Who needs a patent? What do they provide? How do I take advantage of patent protection?


Even if you aren’t itching to produce the next big thing in Biotech, understanding how patents impact research and development in Biotech is equally important, especially in an age with extensive public policy and legal debate surrounding genes, molecules, and other things we can’t even see! What are your rights as an individual?


Sign up for Intellectual Property 101 at this link. Course fee is $15. Light refreshments will be served.


December 4:  As a follow-up, Gary will be moderating a discussion on the Myriad Genetics Supreme Court decision. This decision rules that genes cannot be patented, but other forms of DNA are still patentable. What does that mean for agricultural Biotech? How will it affect modern medical care? Get answers to these and other burning questions at the discussion! Be informed!

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