DIY Smartphone to 175x Digital Microscope Workshop!

Who doesn’t love looking at cells, plants, dirt, and other random findings under a microscope? Don’t have one? Make your own setup using your smartphone for $10 in materials!

Smartphone to Digital Microscope Workshop
Sunday November 17 @ 12pm
HiveBio Community Lab

In this workshop, we will be assembling the $10 microscope setup based on this instructable and a smartphone. These scopes should give us 175X magnification.

You can either bring your own materials, or buy a materials kit from HiveBio. You will need your own smartphone camera to put on the scope.

Feel free to bring interesting stuff to examine under your new microscope.

Sign up for this class here
This class is suitable for people of all ages and science backgrounds. Bring your kids! Bring your parents! Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.
Email us with any questions:

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