Gaming for a Cure? Proteins and Problem Solving Workshop

What do gaming and science have to do with curing HIV/AIDS and Cancer? Perhaps more than you’d think! With a growing knowledge of how atoms of molecules interact, many experiments involving proteins can be conducted “in silico.” In other words, these scientific puzzles can be worked on using computer simulation.

Introduction to Proteins using FoldIt
Saturday December 7th, 3pm
Jeremy Mills Ph.D.

FoldIt is a puzzle-solving game which uses real protein structures. Your solutions to these puzzles can have a real-world impact on protein-folding data! A little confused about what proteins are and what they look like? Come to class on Saturday December 7th at 3pm!

Jeremy Mills, Ph.D. will give a lecture on the basics of proteins, the fundamental units of action in biological systems.  The computational protein modeling tool Foldit ( will be used to both assist in the discussion as well as provide hands on experiences with 3D representations of these amazing molecules.

This class is suitable for people with little to no Biology or Chemistry background, as well as those who are experts in the field. Children younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Please bring your own laptop with Foldit installed if you would like to work the tutorials in class.

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