Brains! More than just zombie food.

Join HiveBio co-founder Bergen McMurray for Basic Brain Dissection! Through a basic dissection of sheep brains, this hands-on lab class will take you through the major areas of the brain. We will discuss neuronal structure, neural cell types, functional divisions of the brain and more. This is an excellent class for anyone who is interested in basic neuroscience and basic dissection safety techniques.

Sheep Brain Dissection
Saturday January 18th, 1pm
Co-founder Bergen McMurray

Students under 18 are welcome, but they must have a parent present. Everyone intending to participate must pre-register to reserve a brain. Brains are preserved in NFP (non-formaldehyde preservative), a fluid designed to minimize the unpleasant odor of formaldehyde. Students will use surgical blades to open up the brain, so please consider these safety issues before registering a child.

In order to acquire the materials for this class, pre-registration at this link is required.

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about this class.

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