Scientific Illustration with Angela Mele

HiveBio is proud to offer a first of its kind class in Scientific Illustration. Angela Mele, a masters student at the University of Washington, will host HiveBio Community Lab’s first “art” class on Saturday October 11th at 10am.

forest fire

With Angela’s guidance, students will be able to observe and communicate details with scientific accuracy, and will learn how to use the right tools to achieve realistic effects and render an object in a lifelike way. Angela will provide all necessary materials, but encourages students to bring something to illustrate that has meaning to them. For example, a beautiful flower from the yard, an interesting bug found on a walk, or a family heirloom. Students will take home at least one graphite drawing, and are welcome to bring other mediums such as water colors or colored pencils.

Scientific Illustration is not only about representing visual aspects of a specimen, but also conveying a process or method, such as the release of spores from a slime mold, as Angela has illustrated in her book, entitled A Travel Companion to Cosmopolitan Slime Molds.

metatrichea floriformis

After taking this class the world will never look the same again. According to Angela, “Drawing is a really useful way to make discoveries about the natural world: how things are put together, surprising similarities and differences between living things.

For other illustrations, and to learn about Angela Mele’s work, and her community involvement at Mini Maker Faire this year, please visit her website,

To register for Scientific Illustration at HiveBio on October 11th, click on this link to register through BrownPaperTickets. We welcome students of all ages and levels of scientific background. Students under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

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