Lifetime learning at Chateau Retirement

Learning can happen anywhere, at any time. Recently HiveBio’s CEO, Bergen McMurray, and Creative Director, Miles Grover, packed up the sheep brains and took the science slideshow on the road. We joined the residents of Chateau Retirement Communities to teach Introduction to Neurobiology, one of the classes offered through our Busy Bees Bio program.

Twelve residents of the community learned about basic neurobiology through an interactive lecture and sheep brain dissection. The residents started by learning about neural cell types and the structure of neurons. They learned how neurons and glial cells interact and were surprised to find that the human brain has significantly more glial cells than neurons. From there they moved on to visualizing how action potentials move from neuron to neuron and discussed the role of neurotransmitters in this process.

After learning about some of the micro processes of the brain the residents zoomed out a bit to explore the structures of the brain through a hands-on sheep brain dissection. The residents donned lab coats and safety gear as they removed the dura mater and found the thalamus, pons, and corpus callosum, along with many other structures. The class ended with a bit of neuroscience history as the students performed the equivalent of a frontal lobotomy and talked about the ramifications of such a surgery.

HiveBio was delighted to be able to work with the enthusiastic residents of the Chateau Retirement Community. Thanks to all of the students for being part of the lifetime learning community at HiveBio!

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