Drawing Branches on the Tree of Life

“I THINK:” were the words that accompanied Darwin’s first evolutionary tree in 1837, rough sketches of an idea in the journal of a young, seasick oceanographer. But from the voyages of the H.M.S. Beagle to the modern use of advanced statistical methods, our still incomplete understanding of the phylogenetic tree of life has been pruned and grafted with the constant reminder of Orgel’s famous second rule of natural selection: “Evolution is clever than you are.”

What do you think about the the tree of life, how we develop it, and what it can tell us? Come to Ada’s Technical Books on 425 15th Ave E this Wednesday, Feb 18th at 7:30 and join the HiveBio Discussion group as we tackle this subject of phylogenetics.

Interested in learning more about phylogenetics? Take a look at our upcoming Class on Phylogenetics on March 7th!

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