Upcoming Workshop: DIY-SpikerBox for Neurobiology

What does a thought sound like, or a step, or the feeling of happiness? It might seem like science fiction, but at the upcoming HiveBio Hands-on Workshop, we can show you how to actually see  and hear the electrical impulses that drive all of our emotions and movements. Using a open-source bioamplifier developed by Backyard Brains known as SpikerBox, you will get to both see and hear the action potentials of living neurons while learning about neurobiology from Dr. Steve Potter, an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Potter, who has immersed himself in the maker community, conducts research in neuroengineering, as well as speculates on the future of the field in his blog “NeuroEngineering in the Future.” His research interests encompass artificial intelligence, robotics, the study of consciousness, and self-organising dynamical systems. Check out his definition of neuroengineering and its fundamentally transformative impacts on society in his recent talk given at TedX Georgia Tech.

This workshop will be held April 26th from 1-4PM.

Register today by clicking here!



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