Cockroach legs and the world of smells: our next upcoming courses

Instead of letting the Seattle rain get on your nerves, turn a rainy day into a great way to learn about how nerves work!

This December 5th, we’ll be offering an exciting, hands-on course about brains, muscles, and nerves that will get you thinking about how your mind interacts with your matter. We’ll look at the science of reflexes by knocking your patellar tendon, see how cockroach legs twitch, and learn about how nerve concentration affects your interpretation of the world. This course, led by UW scientist Kaelan Yu, is perfect for any young or old minds interested in animals, biology, or just how the world works! Learn more by visiting our class page.

Register for “Brains, muscles, and nerves: The neuromuscular system” by clicking here.

In addition to the neuromuscular system, we’ve posted a date for the second running of our very popular course “Memories, molecules, and medicines: An exploration of fragrances & essential oils.” Our upcoming November offering of this course has already sold out, so we’ll be giving another chance to dive into the nose on January 16th, 2016. Learn more on our class page.

Register for the class by clicking here!

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