A Field Guide to Microbiology: Recognizing Bacteria In Your Environment

Ever get that creeping feeling that you’re never alone, but instead surrounded by trillions of your closest microbial friends? If so, your intuition is right! Microbes are all around us, and even on and in us. But you don’t have to be a microbiologist to appreciate their diversity and ubiquity – many cultures can be identified using macro-scale features. This week, HiveBio will teach you how to identify key players in your microbial daily life – from what is in your beer on Friday afternoon, to what’s making you stink after a soccer game, to the weird green slime on the pier in Elliot Bay. So join us to get acquainted with the smallest members of our community: bacteria!  Join us for our discussion at Ada’s Technical Books (425 15th Ave on the Hill) at 7:30, Wed 6. Jan.

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