You gotta know when to fold ‘em

What do Kant and ribosomes have in common? They’re both all about form, and while most people ascribe formalism solely to artistic endeavors, Kant unknowingly touched on an important biological theme with his impression that form gives gestalt. From proteins to DNA, chemicals to lipids, the shape and structure of biomaterials drive their utility. In a class led by Dr. Sandra Porter, we’ll envision exactly how and why these structures matter – how DNA is put together by its properties, how mutant proteins cause albino cats, how protein folding dictates functionality – by use of her 3D visualization program Molecule World.  After this class, you’ll be able to share your new-found love of biological formalism with a printed structural image of your favorite molecule on a T-shirt! So come structure your mind to expand your horizons into the world of molecular form. This class will take place at HiveBio on February 20thfrom 2-5PM.


(HiveBio will provide T-shirts, but you may also bring your own black cotton T-shirt if you’d like. Use of personal iPads is strongly encouraged for this course, if available. If you’re bringing an iPad, download the app Molecule World from the iTunes store before the workshop for $5.99).


Molecular World

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