Fragrances and essential oils – two spots left!

We have two spots left for one of our favorite classes – Memories, molecules and medicines: An exploration of fragrances and essential oils – which is happening January 16th from 2-5PM.

A freshly mown lawn, a crackling bonfire’s smoke, or piping hot chicken soup on a cold day. All these and other smells conjure warm memories, emotions, primal fears and human relationships, far beyond the basic sense of smell. With a nose that can distinguish one trillion different scents, we carry one of the world’s best molecular detectors. But how much do we really know about smell and its effect on our lives? How does fragrance drive our moods? How do we perceive it and describe it to others? Come explore the sense of smell from the biology that makes it possible to the chemistry behind fragrances and essential oils. Led by Reitha Weeks, PhD, we’ll investigate product labels and aromatherapy claims, test your ability to identify smells, and extract essential oils for you to take home. So let’s dive into the world of smells you’ll be surprised how much there is to learn.

Maximum class size: 9
$25 per participant.
Pre-registration is required for this workshop. This class is not suitable for chemical or fragrance sensitive individuals. The subject matter for this class is above an elementary level, this class is not suitable for children under 7th grade.

Claim your spot before its gone!

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