Know thyself: Experimenting with your microbiome

The little guys inside your gut get a lot of press these days; from academic articles to popular science pages, everyone’s talking about the human microbiome (even the government has jumped on board). But beyond the ivory tower or hallowed halls of the NIH, understanding your own flora has very personal implications. After all, with millions of bacteria lining every inch of every surface in your body, to know them is to know thyself.richardspraguespeaking
Richard Sprague, software exec and bio-hacker known for his self-experiments, is taking this self awareness one-step further: into the world of DIY bio. Using 16s sequencing, Sprague has done a series of experiments on his own microbiome, including a recent attempt to restart his gut microbiome. His article How to Analyze Your Own Microbiome appeared in the July 2015 issue of O’Reilly’s BioCoder magazine. Join us as he discusses his latest microbiome experiments, and what he learned from comparing his test results with others.
HiveBio Discussion Series takes place at Ada’s Technical Books (425 15 Ave E on the Hill) at 7:30 PM Wed. March 16th.

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