Science of Lotions Class Postponed

LotionsThe bad news:

We’re postponing our Science of Lotions Class originally scheduled for March 19th

The good news:

You can still sign up for its reprisal on June 4th!

Chapped lips, dry hands, flakey skin – whenever we need a good dermal balm for our woes we jump to lotion. But what are we really rubbing all over our skin, and who is in charge of regulating it? What can a label tell us about the lotion we’re using – and what can it hide from us?

In this class with Dr. Reitha Weeks, we’ll examine the science behind lotions: what makes them good, what makes them bad, and who decides if they’re safe. During this class, you’ll have the opportunity to make your own lotion to take home and share!

Register for this course by clicking here.

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