The zombies are coming!

Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse when it hits Seattle? Join this class to find out!


In a world where the Undead have taken over our beloved Emerald City, we’re the last one standings, holding out in HiveBio’s labs. But how can we tell if those among us have already been bitten and are a ticking timebomb of insatiable brain biters? With HiveBio’s Regina Wu, we’ll learn how to use ELISA to detect zombie-virus antibodies  – and find out who to keep away from.

In this course, you can expect to learn introductory level science on zombies, viruses, our immune system, and ELISA. You’ll be able to get some hands-on ELISA practice and make an your own antibody model- lest you forget what the Zombie Virus looks like!

April 23rd, 2016: Zombie Apocalypse! 2-5PM

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This course is recommended for ages 12 and up.


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