Almost back to school? Warm up your brain with new HiveBio classes.

As the summer starts to wind down, it’s time to kick your brain back in to gear with some new classes offered at HiveBio.

September 3rd (Saturday), 11AM-2PM
Presented by Bergen McMurray
Our friends at Backyard Brains have done it again! We are proud to present their Anuradha Rao Memorial Experiment: Neuropharmacology-Effect of Nicotine and MSG on Neurons!
It’s 2 AM, your linear algebra final is in 6 hours, and you gulp down another espresso. You start thinking: “I wonder how this espresso and other drugs actually work?” We are here to lead you through an interesting experiment where you will use drugs, such as glutamate and nicotine, to change the firing rate of the cricket cerci system’s neurons. In this experiment you will learn how different drugs and chemical agents affect the nervous system using the cricket cercal system. You will also learn how to create a few different chemical solutions.

For more information please see the Backyard Brains website.

Please note that this class requires pre-registration in order to ensure that there are enough materials and crickets for all students.

Note that this class utilizes the Backyard Brains Spikerbox. You can bring your own (for sale at or share/observe the HiveBio Spikerbox.

Please sign up here!

September 17th (Saturday), 2PM-5PM
Presented by Jessica Day
Come to HiveBio and work with scientists from Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) to explore the world of systems biology and sustainable agriculture!

What is Aquaponics?
Aquaponics is a method of sustainable food production. In this class, we will study this system of aquaculture in which wastes produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals contributes nutrients for plants grown hydroponically. These plants, in turn, purify the water and create a self-sustaining garden!

Experts will guide you through designing, engineering, and maintaining your very own aquaponic system. Record data and monitor your system online to optimize efficiency and contribute to cutting-edge research using ISB’s web application. Arrive a curious learner, leave a citizen scientist!

Price of the class includes materials. Pre-registration for this class is required so we can order your Aquaponics kit. Sales are final and refunds cannot be offered for this workshop.

Please sign up here!



Beginning Neurobiology: Sheep Brain Dissection
October 8th (Saturday), 2PM-5PM
Presented by Bergen McMurray
Come explore the basics of neurobiology with HiveBio co-founder Bergen McMurray! We will discuss neuronal structure, action potentials, and functional areas of the brain. This exploration includes the dissection of preserved sheep brains to explore some of the macro-structures of the brain. This class is great for those who have an interest in neuroscience, or are looking for some hands-on lab experience.
Students under 18 are welcome, but they must have a parent present. Parents, we won’t order a brain for you unless you register as well. Brains are preserved in Carosafe, an odorless fluid designed to minimize the unpleasant odor of formaldehyde. Students will used razor blades to open up the brain, so please consider these safety issues before registering a child.

In order to acquire the materials for this class, pre-registration is required. 

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about this class.

Please sign up here!

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