Register for our new classes!

Q: When’s the best time to register for our new classes?

A: Now!

HiveBio is offering two new classes this October, with registration open for these courses now:

Molecule World


If you’re interested in learning about how molecules work, check out or class Molecule World: Genetics, Chemistry and Art. Taking place on October 15th from 2-5PM, this class explores how structure and shape of molecules drives everything from viral resistance to albino cats. Check out more by clicking here, and register now at Brown Paper Tickets.


Make your own Slime

flier-Slime10-122-16October wouldn’t be October without some goopy, creepy, slimy stuff – so HiveBio is here to help you get ready for Halloween by offering our new course Make Your Own Slime on October 22nd, from 2-5PM. This class will show you how to make oozing green goop from household materials, covering basics of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids and chemical principals. Learn more here, or register directly at Brown Paper Tickets.

October is right around the corner, so register now for our classes! Be sure to visit our registration page to check out other classes going on in the month of September.

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