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Molecule Worlds: Genetics, Chemistry, and Art
Sat., Jan 21st, 2-5PM

Did you know that the shape and structure of molecules have a radical effect on their utility and function? From proteins to DNA, long-chain lipids to small organic molecules, their composition and 3-dimensional structure are critically important to how they work, and what they do!molecule-world-1-21-17_web

In a class led by Dr. Sandra Porter, you’ll envision exactly how and why these structures matter. You’ll learn how DNA is put together by its properties, how mutant proteins cause albino cats, how protein folding dictates functionality, why some viruses are resistant to anti-viral drugs, and why some people develop diseases like breast cancer by use of Sandra’s 3D visualization program called Molecule World.

After this class, you’ll be able to share your new-found love of biological formalism with a structural image of your favorite molecule printed on a T-shirt!

This class will take place at HiveBio on January 21, 2017 from 2-5PM. Pre-registration is required so we can ensure we order the right size T-shirt for you. Make sure you fill out the survey and tell us what size t-shirt you’ll need!

What to bring:

– A white T shirt (optional). HiveBio will provide T-shirts, but if you want one that you know fits the way you like, get a blank cotton T-shirt and bring it along.
– An iPad (optional). We will have some iPads available for the workshop, but if you have one, you might like to bring it.
– If you’re bringing an iPad, download and install a copy of Molecule World ($5.99 in the iTunes store) before the workshop.

Maximum class size is 10 $35 per participant.

Please register on Brown Paper Tickets today so we know you’re coming!


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