HiveBio Hearts You: Valentine’s Heart Dissection Class

Did someone steal your heart this Valentines Day? HiveBios got you covered with a spare!

This Valentines Day, stop by the HiveBio lab for our Sheep Heart Dissection Class and learn more about Februarys favorite internal organ.

This class focuses on the pathway that blood takes in a typical four-chambered heart, what makes blood red (or green, if youre a spider or a Vulcan!), and how electricity drives the machine that powers your life.

In this lab-based class, participants will have a chance to determine hematocrit (the percentage of red blood cells in a sample), ABO and Rh blood type, ECG measurements, and of course- dissection of a sheep heart. All materials will provided, and the class costs $55 for participant.

Pre-registration for this workshop is required in order for us to have your heart ready for you. Register ahead of time to ensure HiveBio can give our heart to you!

You can register by clicking this link to Brown Paper Tickets.

2 thoughts on “HiveBio Hearts You: Valentine’s Heart Dissection Class

    • Hi Audrey! There’s no explicit age restrictions, but people ages 10 and below might not be able to follow along – and keep in mind its probably not best for the faint of heart :D!

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