An Awesome and Unconventional Use for Science

Sometimes expecting parents decide to reveal the gender of their child to themselves in exciting ways – colored frosting inside of cupcakes or cakes. Bite into the sweet, and the color of the frosting lets you know the gender of your baby. At HiveBio Community Lab, we do it a little different. We do it with science!

We were approached by the awesome Andre and Lyndsey, who are due in June 2017. They wanted to find out the gender of their little one in the funnest possible way – an explosive chemical reaction! Using the Elephant Toothpaste experiment prepared by HiveBio’s Chief Science Officer, Scott Canaga, they would find out if their yet-to-be-born baby is a boy or girl!

After opening the sealed envelope from the family’s doctor, Scott prepared the colored solution in an obstructed flask. Andre and Lyndsey poured the final chemical in the solution and BOOM! The reaction ensues.

Do do your own Elephant Toothpaste reaction, see these instructions!

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