Discussion group: Extra-terrestrial life in our solar system?

As Thanksgiving approaches, we might be feeling especially thankful for the rarity of life and our beautiful planet.  But is life on our planet really that unique? Could extant extra-terrestrial life be as close as Europa or Enceladus – or even Mars?

Join us as we discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life in our Solar System, focusing on Mars and the icy moons Europa and Enceladus. Led by UW Astrobiology grad student Max Showalter, we’ll discuss how to find life in our solar system, where to look, and what it would mean for our lives here on Earth. The hunt for extra-terrestrial life begins at Ada’s Technical Books (425 E 15th Str) Wednesday, Nov 25th at 730 PM.

Cockroach legs and the world of smells: our next upcoming courses

Instead of letting the Seattle rain get on your nerves, turn a rainy day into a great way to learn about how nerves work!

This December 5th, we’ll be offering an exciting, hands-on course about brains, muscles, and nerves that will get you thinking about how your mind interacts with your matter. We’ll look at the science of reflexes by knocking your patellar tendon, see how cockroach legs twitch, and learn about how nerve concentration affects your interpretation of the world. This course, led by UW scientist Kaelan Yu, is perfect for any young or old minds interested in animals, biology, or just how the world works! Learn more by visiting our class page.

Register for “Brains, muscles, and nerves: The neuromuscular system” by clicking here.

In addition to the neuromuscular system, we’ve posted a date for the second running of our very popular course “Memories, molecules, and medicines: An exploration of fragrances & essential oils.” Our upcoming November offering of this course has already sold out, so we’ll be giving another chance to dive into the nose on January 16th, 2016. Learn more on our class page.

Register for the class by clicking here!

New Classes Added!

Hey Seattle! It’s starting to get spooky around town with Halloween spirit, but the scariest thing to us is that you haven’t signed up for our fun Fall Classes yet! Yes, you!

So here’s your halloween reminder – we have a great line up of courses this autumn that’ll get your hands wet with BRAINZ, let you make some slimy, gooey Elephant Toothpaste, and, most frightening of all, pull you away from texted to put your smartphone to useseeing the microscopic world!

We’ve even added a new class that will allow you to explore the world of fragrance – how we sense it, how it’s made, and what it means.

We’re still excited to see you at our upcoming Fall Classes – don’t forget to sign up here!

Stemcell Vampires – HiveBio Discussion group


Blood is a morbid fascination of the human mind – a subject of interest from ancient lore of vampires to modern horror movies. But how does biotech reimagine this creepy theme?
Just in time for Halloween, HiveBio discussion group will explore the potential exploitation of human blood – a hypothetical world where vampiric scientists sell the blood of the young to keep the old from withering. We’ll talk about hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs – those that develop into all other blood cells), telomeres, and how science fits into the horror story. So come get spooked with us this Wednesday, Oct 21st at 730 PM as we discuss Stemcell Vampires at Ada’s Technical Books (425 15th Ave E on the Hill).

Check out our new fall classes!

Looking for some science to do as the weather turns cool and gray?

We’ve posted three new classes for November and December to keep your brain engaged as the weather turns sleepy. Dive into the unseen world of microscopy on November 7th, with Smart Phone microscopyor get inside your head by getting inside a brain in our Intro to Neurobiology: Sheep Brain Dissection on November 14th. If you’re looking for an early Christmas Gift, our Elephant Toothpaste class on December 12th will bring out your fun-side as you learn some hands-on chemistry!

So get excited about the changing seasons, because it means more chances to do some science with HiveBio! We can’t wait to see you.

Learn more about these classes and how to register for them here.

HiveBio hits the airwaves

Rock isn’t the only punk thing coming out of Seattle’s airwaves. Biology has gone totally punk, too.

Yesterday, NPR Seattle/Tacoma affiliate KPLU featured HiveBio on their show Sound Effect. Gabriel Spitzer interviewed our CEO and Co-founder Bergen McMurray about HiveBio’s role in citizen science and the community, and what it’s like to run a DIY-Bio lab.

Listen to the feature here: Punk Biology: HiveBio Brings DIY Science Space To Seattle.

Thanks KPLU!

Modern Witch Doctors: at the intersection of old and new

On the stark, sterile counters of a modern biotech laboratory, the jungle heartbeat of freshly excised tawari negro tree offers a potential cure for cancer, a gift of the world’s pharmacy: the Amazon Jungle. Its use is the product of a centuries-old friendship between native peoples and the environment.

As in pharmaceutical development, a variety of fields in modern science increasingly take their cues from traditional knowledge, transforming themselves into a synthesis of old and new on the quest to solve man’s greatest problems. Health and healing, a universal human concern throughout space and time, has perhaps the greatest and most diverse pool of knowledge to draw from. But it is a quickly draining pool: as habitat destruction and Westernization invades the untouched corners of Earth, traditional knowledge slips away – and with it potentially live-saving cures.

On October 7th, Lisa Ma brings the latest research of diverse medical management systems from around the world, where strong beliefs in witch doctors, herbalists, and body healing is finding a space in the world of biotech. Join us at Ada’s Technical Books (425 15th Ave. E)  Wednesday, Oct 7th at 7:30 PM to discuss to the contribution of traditional knowledge in Western medicine.

Come see us at the Seattle Makerfaire!

Hey Seattle!

Don’t you wish you could get more DIY in your life? Don’t you lie awake at night, hoping to see HiveBio offer family-friendly citizen biology in the context of an exciting, fair-like atmosphere?

You’re in luck!

HiveBio will be hosting a booth at the upcoming Seattle Makerfaire, this Saturday and Sunday (Sept 19-20th), from 10 AM to 5 PM at the EMP Museum in Seattle Center. Among our activities will be our popular Strawberry DNA Extraction – a fun, hands on way for kids to see the very stuff that makes up life- and a presentation by HiveBio’s CEO and Co-found Bergen McMurray! To learn more about how to attend, visit the Seattle Makerfaire website.

In addition, our discussion group this Wednesday, Sept 16th at 7PM will be discussing DIY Bio and Maker Culture History, including an overview of all the exciting events that at the upcoming Fair.

So bring your curious minds to  join us at our Wednesday Discussion Group (Ada’s Technical Books 425 15th Ave E. in Capitol Hill), and then come get your hands wet at the Seattle Makerfaire this weekend!



Come join us at a heady discussion of Neurobiology 101!

This week, HiveBio Discussion Group is tackling neurophysiology with a focus on brains. Our brief overview and discussion of how much, on how little, we know of our brain will  include functional divisions, neurochemistry, and the structure of neurons. 

If you’re ready to get into your own head, stop by Ada’s Technical Books ( 425 15th Avenue) this Wednesday, September 2nd at 7:30 PM.

Please leave all hungry zombies at home.