All good dinos come in twos: bioinformatics discussion and class

Bio Discussion Group – How to Build a Dinosaur
August 26th, 7:30pm – 9pm

Presented by Blake Allen, Bioinformatics expert
Location: Ada’s Technical Books, 425 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
Free Discussion Group

The “How to Create a Dinosaur” Class will be a free intro to bioinformatics module wherein students will learn why the science of Jurassic Park is a myth and how one could create a dinosaur using bioinformatics, genetics and various existing biological techniques. In this discussion group we will explore the genomic science behind how a dinosaur could be genetically engineered.

In this discussion we will explore why one would want to create a dinosaur, what dinosaurs could be created,  and existing biological techniques. In addition,  we’ll discuss ethical implications of creating dinosaurs: Are dinosaurs are sentient, what are the moral implications bringing back extinct creatures?

Check out the Meetup here!

This free informational session at Ada’s is also a precursor to our dinosaur workshop on September 5th, wherein you’ll have the opportunity to get signed up for the class where we will actually “design a dinosaur” using bioinformatics, programming and 3d modeling.

Learn more about this class at our class registration page, or  sign up here!



Upcoming class: Elephant Toothpaste


Got a budding chemist at home? Have an interest in exciting, reactive chemistry? HivebBio has a new class to satisfy your curious mind!

Scott Canaga and Jeremy Heckt will be leading a fun and interactive lab demo, Elephant Toothpaste, which utilizes some common ingredients to produce a steaming foam in a dramatic chemical reaction. Sure to be fun for young or experience scientists alike, the course with take place on August 22nd at 2PM and costs $25 for materials.

 Sign up here for our Elephant Toothpaste class on Saturday, Aug 22nd, 2PM.

Elephant Toothpaste

Upcoming class: The Neuromuscular System

Come explore the interesting field of neuromuscular science with animal demonstrations and interactive activities with UW’s Kaelan Yu this Saturday, August 8th at 2PM.

Kaelan’s workshop will delve into the exciting interactions between the muscular system and neurosystem that drives all of our movements, from running a marathon, to fine motor skills, and our never-ending heartbeats. This course is geared toward young scientists with an interest in biology, and includes exciting animal demonstrations!

Visit this link to join the workshop. The cost of the class is $20.



Jurassic Park: distant fantasy, or upcoming reality?

Updated: This topic is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th.

Could mankind one day revive a population of dinosaurs, using only some found DNA? This idea of bringing back the dinosaurs may be far from our current scientific capabilities, but the concept of de-extinction is wholly  scientifically feasible. In fact, we’ve already taken steps to accomplish it.

This Wednesday, HiveBio is talking about de-extinction: the methods of accomplishment, the potential ecological impacts, and the ethics of its use. Be part of the discussion: join us at Ada’s Technical Books this  Wednesday, May 20th at 7:30 PM.

Upcoming class: Brain dissection

Dive into the mystery of the human mind with HiveBio’s upcoming Brain Dissection class, which will be held on Saturday, May 23rd, 2-5PM.

This class, led by HiveBio’s cofounder, Bergen McMurray, and Lawrence Own, PhD, explores the macrostructures of gray matter through a dissection of sheep’s brains, as well as a discussion of neurobiology basics.

To register for this class, and learn more details, visit this link.

Children under 18 years are welcome, but must be accompanied by a parent.


You’d breader get ready for this Earth Day event!

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating one thing that makes Earth truly unique in our known universe (so far): the presence of metabolically active microbes! To do so, HiveBio and Ada’s offer you a brand new collaborative discussion session on the art of fermentation, including a recipe swap and instruction (with samples!) about baking sourdough bread.

So if you’re just loafing around in knead of plans this Earth Day, don’t wheat any longer! Roll your buns on down to Ada’s Technical Books (425 15th Ave E) on Wed, Apr 22nd at 7:30PM as we brioche the topic of how microbial life drives fermentative processes, which give the tangy flavor to sourdough bread. The discussion won’t cost you any dough (it’s free!), and is guaranteed to rise above your expectations!

Upcoming Workshop: DIY-SpikerBox for Neurobiology

What does a thought sound like, or a step, or the feeling of happiness? It might seem like science fiction, but at the upcoming HiveBio Hands-on Workshop, we can show you how to actually see  and hear the electrical impulses that drive all of our emotions and movements. Using a open-source bioamplifier developed by Backyard Brains known as SpikerBox, you will get to both see and hear the action potentials of living neurons while learning about neurobiology from Dr. Steve Potter, an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Potter, who has immersed himself in the maker community, conducts research in neuroengineering, as well as speculates on the future of the field in his blog “NeuroEngineering in the Future.” His research interests encompass artificial intelligence, robotics, the study of consciousness, and self-organising dynamical systems. Check out his definition of neuroengineering and its fundamentally transformative impacts on society in his recent talk given at TedX Georgia Tech.

This workshop will be held April 26th from 1-4PM.

Register today by clicking here!



Fighting the resistance: Antibiotics in the modern world

Antimicrobial agents are the workhorse of modern medicine; diseases and infections once considered a death sentence are now routinely mitigated by antibacterial drugs and treatments on a daily basis. However, as their continued uses forces evolutionary pressure onto the targeted microbes, antibacterial agents are creating drug-resist pathogens at an estimated cost of 700,000 lives annually, and growing economic cost projected to total over $100 trillion by 2050 (O’Neill, et al., 2014).

How will biotechnology address this rising tide of antibiotic resistant bacteria and what new treatments and philosophies will we develop in our war against the microbes? Come discuss the current state and future of antibiotic resistance with HiveBio this Wednesday, April 15th at 7:30 PM in Ada’s Technical Books (425 15th Ave E).


High Throughput Gene Expression Analysis

Gene expression analysis is a critical tool in medicine, biotechnology, and synthetic biology; the ability to track differential rates of expression provides vast quantities of useful data on an organismal scale. Since the days of wet-lab blotting techniques, gene expression analysis has evolved into a highly technical and highly efficient process of DNA microarrays and transcriptomics, revolutionizing how we see and use changes in gene expression. Come discuss the world of high -throughput gene expression analysis on Wednesday, March 4th at 7:30PM at Ada’s Technical Books (425 15th Ave. East).



Drawing Branches on the Tree of Life

“I THINK:” were the words that accompanied Darwin’s first evolutionary tree in 1837, rough sketches of an idea in the journal of a young, seasick oceanographer. But from the voyages of the H.M.S. Beagle to the modern use of advanced statistical methods, our still incomplete understanding of the phylogenetic tree of life has been pruned and grafted with the constant reminder of Orgel’s famous second rule of natural selection: “Evolution is clever than you are.”

What do you think about the the tree of life, how we develop it, and what it can tell us? Come to Ada’s Technical Books on 425 15th Ave E this Wednesday, Feb 18th at 7:30 and join the HiveBio Discussion group as we tackle this subject of phylogenetics.

Interested in learning more about phylogenetics? Take a look at our upcoming Class on Phylogenetics on March 7th!