Busy Bees Bio is HiveBio’s partnership program with Seattle Area educational institutions. This program offers selected introductory biology classes to students of any age at a discounted rate. This program was initially funded by a National Science Foundation grant in partnership with Dr. Herbert Sauro. For exact rates, please email hivebio@gmail.com.

IMG_6670     Everybody had a great time!       These pupils were excited to cut open the eye and get their hands dirty (or at least their gloves).        IMG_0227    IMG_0381 IMG_0340


We offer the following classes as hands-on science field trips for Seattle area educational institutions:

Introduction to Neurobiology

We begin with introductory information about the brain; basic neuroscience terminology, the structure and function of a neuron (including neurochemistry and action potentials), functional divisions of the brain. Then we begin our dissection and cover some of the functions of each of the structures that we identify. We end the dissection with an interesting nugget of neuroscience history. The students are welcome to bring their brains home with them as long as they bring a jar or another air-tight container.

Neurobiology 2: Exploring Neuropharmacology

In this hands-on lab, students will learn the basics of electrophysiology using the Backyard Brains Spiker Box. After discussing the basics of neurochemistry and electrophysiology, students will explore neuropharmacology by testing how alcohol, MSG and nicotine change the neuronal firing rates in cricket neurons. The curriculum for this lab was designed by Backyard Brains. Note that students in this lab will handle live crickets.

Smartphone to Digital Microscope Workshop

In this workshop students will each build their own smartphone digital microscope using kits provided by HiveBio. With the help of HiveBio’s teachers, students will use power tools to build their microscopes. After the microscope construction, students will learn the basics of microscopy using their newly built devices. Students will examine specimens provided by HiveBio, as well as tour the grounds of HiveBio to gather their own specimens.  Please note that a smartphone, or some other device with a camera (tablet, phone, or even handheld gaming device) is required for this microscope to work.

More classes are being added to this program all the time, so please check back often. Not seeing a class on a biology subject that you would like to attend? Feel free to email hivebio@gmail.com with your suggestions.

In order to sign your school or organization up for any of these classes, please email hivebio@gmail.com and mention the Busy Bees Bio program.

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  1. Busy Bees Bio program:

    I am an 8th grader from Federal Way Public Academy who would like to make use of the scholarship and attend biology courses.

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