How To Get Involved

Would you like to get involved with HiveBio? Here are a few ideas, but please contact us if you would like to know more.

You could develop and teach a class at HiveBio. Submit your ideas through the workshop proposal form!

Help someone else develop a class. We have scientists who would benefit from partnering with a citizen, and citizens who could use a scientist to help them.

Bring a citizen science project to HiveBio. We’d love to get involved in your research.

Help us find and recruit new members of students for the lab. We will hold classes more often if there is a steady interest in certain subjects.

Help us administer and manage these classes. Bringing science to the people is a lot of work, and we could probably use a hand.

Write a grant to support the lab. You could include your involvement with us in your research grant to fulfill an outreach requirement. Let’s talk about how we can partner.

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One thought on “How To Get Involved

  1. Hi. I came across this website and I thought it sounds like an interesting idea. I have a particular skill set that you might find interesting. I work at the Scientific Instruments shop at the UW and have both a Master’s degree in biology and a technical degree in medical electronics repair. At work I perform repairs and preventative maintenance on laboratory equipment. I’d be curious to see if you would have any use of my abilities. It could be mutually beneficial as a way for you to get low cost repair and consultation services related to lab equipment and a way for me to learn and get an opportunity to work on a more broad array of equipment. I have four years of lab management experience at the UW BioEngineering department and I’ve been with Scientific Instruments for about three months now. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks.

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