Equipment Wish List

HiveBio’s equipment wish list! If you would like to donate money to purchase one of these items for the lab, or can donate the item itself, please contact us at

There are several items that we already have, but will need more to run classes. Also, newer versions are more user-friendly. Links below are representations of the types of equipment we need, but may not be limited to that specific product or brand.

Needed Equipment

 Pipette Bulbs
Graduated cylinders
Water Bath
Incubator Shaker
Benchtop rotater? (precipitation reaction, western blots)
Vaccum Pump
hot plates (+/- stir fxn)
light box for gels
pH probe

Dream Equipment

Tabletop microfuge and picofuge
Any brain imaging equipment
Tabletop shaker with lights (for algae growth), seawater plumbed lines
Luminometer/ Flourimeter
Flow Cytometer

Other Stuff

Chemical Lockers
Acid Lockers
Other Lockers

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