Eyeball Dissection, August 9th

On August 9th, HiveBio held its first Eyeball Dissection class, led by Dr. Anna McCann. Many eager Citizen Scientists met in HiveBio’s lecture room to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the eye before the hands-on dissection.

photo 1Anna first started off with an icebreaker, two truths and a lie, to get everyone acquainted with one another. She proceeded to talk about the different anatomical components of the eye and their functions, as well as potential disease states. The dissection of the eye began with removal of the fatty tissue around the cow eyeball. The students cut into the eye to reveal the fluid within the eye and the retinal layers. Particularly interesting was the tapedum lucidum, which are present in some non-human mammals that cause their eyes to look reflective!

photo 3


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