Science Volunteer Opportunities

 All team volunteers get free entry into one class per month! Plus, you get the added bonus of working with awesome people FOR SCIENCE!

Classroom Assistants

HiveBio Education Department needs Classroom Assistants. These helpful volunteers will be given the chance to participate in some of our classes for free! Responsibilities include arriving at HiveBio one hour before a class begins to help set up. During the class, they will need to help sign in participants and assist the teacher. They will also be required to stay for an hour after the class has ended to help assist in any cleanup and restaging. This is a great opportunity to help out your DIYBio Community whilst earning some free HiveBio classes!

Science Coordinator

The Science Department needs a Science Coordinator. This person will work directly with the Chief Science Officer to coordinate the needs of the Science Department. This will include helping with project coordination, assisting with project proposal review, and working with the Lab manager when needed. The Science Coordinator responsibilities will be a combination of email and in person tasks. Attendance of Executive meetings once a month is necessary.

Lab Assistant

Interested in getting some experience in organizing a lab while volunteering for an awesome organization? Volunteer to be a Lab Assistant! Work directly with the Lab Manager to organize the lab, keep inventory, accept incoming donations, and test equipment. This position required be able to come to HiveBio at least a couple of times a month as needed.


Interested in being part of science at Hivebio?

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10 thoughts on “Science Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Hello, my name is Haven King and I’m writing you today to express my interest in becoming a volunteer at HiveBio as a Lab Assistant. My strengths are my analytical mindset, my passion for neurobiology and anatomy and my extensive experience in record keeping and inventory. I especially enjoy anatomy study and dissections, extracting DNA and gel electrophoresis, and microscopy work. My academic background is I graduated high school from Sammamish High School and currently enrolled in Bellevue College for Neurodiagnostic Technology with plans to tranfer to the University of Washington for a degree in Neurobiology. I mainly want to learn more about all realms of neuroscience and molecular biology, as well as anatomy and physiology. Luckily, my only scheduling conflicts are during the early morning for my part-time job. I truly hope you consider me for volunteer work. Hivebio has given me so much renewed passion and motivation for biology, and I want to do everything I can to give my efforts to making HiveBio even better than it already is.

  2. My name is Harilaos Tsarbopoulos, I am a recent graduate from UW with a degree in Biochemistry and Physiological Biology. I am currently looking for a job. I saw the volunteer page, but I couldn’t find the careers/ open positions page. Are there any open paid positions?

    • Hi Harilaos – thanks for your interest in helping out! At this point, HiveBio is a solely volunteer-based organization and we do not have any paid positions, but we’re always looking for new volunteers. Please email us at if you’re interested.

  3. Hi, my name is Rishi Mukundan, and I am very interested in volunteering at HiveBio as a Lab Assistant. I am currently an 11th grader and Redmond High School. I have a passion for neuroscience and molecular biology. When I was at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire a couple of weeks ago, I met and had a conversation with HiveBio CEO and Co-Founder Bergen McMurray. She was extremely personable and likeable, and I realized that working as a lab assistant would be a great experience for me. My interest for neuroscience and biology would really flourish. I really do hope that I am considered for this volunteering position.

    • Hi Rishi! Thanks for reaching out. We love to have volunteers in the lab, especially when they are as excited about science as you. Your message has been forwarded to our volunteer coordinator and we’ll get back to you soon.

  4. Hi, my name is Layla Yaghi, and I am very interested in volunteering at HiveBio as a Lab Assistant. I have currently finished my first year of Bachelor of Science at Western Sydney University. I have a passion for “how the cells work” and molecular biology. I am currently looking at a volunteering job where I can get experience and have an understanding in working in labs for my future jobs.

    Thank you!

  5. Hey I am Shreya suthar and I would really love to volunteer at hivebio ,I have huge interest in zoology and would love to work here as a volunteer to build my knowledge and experience, I have interest in topics such as environmental issues, biodiversity and conservation, mircobes in human welfare and also studying deeply about various insects …while working with u it will help me build my lab working skills too.

  6. Hi am mbamuku nduku Allen a medical laboratory practitioner I have interest in studying more in laboratory since I have just HND certificate I want to learn more and get boast my personal know how in working perfectly to safe lives.throwing more notes on biochemistry, virology, his to pathology etc

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