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Citizen Salmon Project needs volunteers:

We are seeking volunteers to create and manage a database and develop a laboratory assay to study the origins of salmon commercially available for food consumption. Our goal is to understand our own local food origins. Here in the Pacific Northwest Salmon is a staple of our diet. We know that salmon return to the stream they were born in to spawn. Connecting the information about their genes and where they were born will allow us to characterize and track the locations from which commercially available salmon originates. Modern biotechnology makes accessible to us the tools to accomplish this project as do-it-yourself biologists.

Literature Research

  • Literature and background search to understand the methods used in research in the field.
  • Identify public online sources, i.e. NOAA data online.

Bioinformatics Work

  • Curate and create a database which can be queried for genotype to retrieve salmon spawning location.

Laboratory Work

  • Develop the PCR based genotype test at the HiveBio Lab.
  • Run the test for samples submitted by participants.
  • Help project participants use the genotyping test to accomplish goals of the project.

Overarching Qualities

  • Willing to iteratively develop methods in a dynamic environment to achieve project goals.
  • Adaptable and flexible to the project timeline and requirements.
  • Communicate clearly and timely with the team.
  • Attend and actively participate in team meetings.
send an email to HiveBio Science Dept. if interested, a HiveBio Volunteer will answer.



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