Got a life sciences problem that can’t be solved? Perhaps your Global Health organization needs to figure out how to produce, test, and administer a much-needed vaccine in a developing country wherein the traditional resources of a hospital or lab are not available. HiveBio Community Lab is here to help!

For years Global Health organizations have needed to find innovate solutions to materials, diagnostic and technology problems in geographies with little to no resources. At the same time, DIYbio organizations and citizen scientists have been inventing low cost and accessible alternatives to traditional biology techniques. This low-cost, accessible innovation can be seen in inventions such as the Dremelfuge by Cathal Garver, the Smartphone Microscope by Yoshinok, and the Bubble Wrap Petri Dish by George Whitesides.

DIYbio organizations all over the world have been the gathering places for a huge interdisciplinary pool of biological scientists, programmers, electrical engineers, hackers, and artists for the better part of a decade. It’s time that the talent in these organizations is paired with the ongoing needs of global health and life sciences companies all over the world.

It is with this obvious partnership in mind that HiveBio Community Lab is happy to announce it’s newest program: HiveBIOHackathons!

Here’s how it works: Organizations will sign up for this program and include a description of the problem that needs to be solved and the resources available to solve the problem. HiveBio will then conduct a HiveBIOHackathon to find an innovative and low cost solution to the problem.

Why is this an excellent solution for life sciences companies? DIYbio organizations around the world have hundreds of members with a huge diversity of expertise. Through a HiveBIOHackathon the company will have access to the talent of these forwardthinking individuals in a way that simply isn’t possible in traditional life science consulting services. More eyes on the problem means more solutions, and more interdisciplinary collaboration means more quality results.

Why is this an excellent solution for the DIYbio community? Hackathons are fun, inspiring and bring together a great community of awesome people for a day of fun work that could help save lives. Don’t worry, as is the case with traditional hackathons, our BIOhackathons will provide food, t shirts, prizes, and much more. And the best part? HiveBIOHackathons will be open to the global community. Besides our in-person lab space, we will have the ability to have remote access to the BIOhackathons so that citizen scientists from all over the world can join.

Citizen Scientists:

Sign up for the HiveBio newsletter in order to receive alerts for upcoming HiveBIOhackathon opportunities. We’ll send out emails with information as opportunities for BIOhackathons arise.

Life Science Organizations:

Need a HiveBIOhackathon to find innovative solutions to a problem? Simply email for information and rates.


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  1. Hi My name is Andrew, Ive have started my own non profit teaching kids emerging tech, we are called key tech labs. Im contacting because Im interested in knowing if you have a freeze dry ( lyophilization) process that can be practiced at HiveBio. Their are alot of things beside that im interested in, like creating a “protien shake” designed for a person specfic physiological make up, and possiblity of use of Biofeedback machines, Ive got a lot of class and activites that I would like to bring to my classes but im on the search for what can be done. So ill have question if youve got time

    Thanks for your help

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