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Anyone can take a class or join in our online discussion! If you’re interested in joining the citizen scientist conversation please send a request to our discussion group;!forum/hivebio-discussion

To become a working member of HiveBio Community Lab, please follow the instructions below.

In order to take part in any research or experiment happening at the lab individuals will need to sign up for a membership plan and complete a short set of lab safety requirements. Regular membership rates are based on the drop-in fee minus the member discount. Current rates are:

4 days/month: $54.00 (recurring subscription)


6 days/month: $81.00 (recurring subscription)


8 days/month: $108.00 (recurring subscription)


Keyed: $200.00 (recurring subscription)


Keyed & Desk Membership: $240.00 (recurring subscription)


We are also able to offer keyed memberships to the lab. Keyed members are given keys and therefore have 24/7 access to the facility. They will get basic training for safety and opening and closing the building.

There are 4 spaces at the lab for a Desk Membership. A Desk membership is a keyed membership that also includes personal desk and lots of private storage space at the lab. The desks are housed in private rooms within the lab area.

Other membership options may be available. For questions about membership options contact

4 thoughts on “Become a Member

  1. Hey,

    So I am planning to be a new transplant to Seattle in the coming two months. I am writing to you today because what you do sounds so interesting. I have a B.S. degree in Organic Chemistry and am someone who participates in home chemistry. I was talking about chemistry to a friend when they mentioned this group.

    So I have perused your website and I was wondering what are the best ways to get involved? Obviously usable lab space is nice, but I also want to help get the community involved and all those pretty things!

    Jeremy Heckt

  2. I would like to go to the eyeball dissection but won’t know if I can until Friday before. Can I pay on the same day as the class? thanks

    • Thanks for your question. For this class we need a definite head count of students before the class in order to have the right number of eyeballs for dissection. This is why we have online registration. You’re welcome to pay for the class the day of class, as long as you register online before the class. Please register, but only if you’re sure that you can make it to the class. If you have questions, please email Thanks!

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