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Bergen R. McMurray: Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Bergen McMurray studied Clinical Psychology at Argosy University. With a background in project management, she has created many successful programs. As the Education Director for Four Horseman Productions she created a robust Education Department. She went on to work with the Allen Institute for Brain Science on the Human Brain Atlas project, which was published in Nature in April of 2014.  She has been involved in the Seattle Maker Movement since 2005, working with maker spaces such as Jigsaw Renaissance. She also worked with I Heart Rummage and other arts-focused maker organizations. In 2012 she helped create the first Maker Faire Seattle as the Maker Outreach Coordinator. She founded HiveBio Community Lab in mid 2012 and currently serves as co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.


Katriona Guthrie-Honea: Founder

Katriona is a graduating junior from Ingraham High School. She is the cofounder of HiveBio and now works as the funding and outreach coordinator. On her own she is developing a swift and universal diagnostic system based on gene-targeting. In the past she worked as a lab assistant in the Stoddard lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and in the Maves lab at the Seattle Children’s Research institute. She won first prize in the 2012 molecular modeling section of the NWABR biotech expo and was a 2013 Thiel Fellowship finalist. As the personal guest of the curator, she attended the 2013 TEDMED on big data, and was flown down to Guatemala to speak at Universidad Francisco Marroquin as well as participate in their forum to innovate their medical curriculum.



Elizabeth Scallon, MBA: Chief Operations Officer/ Science, Safety & Ethics Board Co-Chair

Elizabeth Scallon is the Associate Director of New Venture for the University of Washington’s Center for Commercialization, which focuses on nurturing UW startup companies from idea to impact. Elizabeth spent part of her early career as a Lab Manager and Research Associate at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and more recently held a position as the Senior Operations Manager for VLST Corporation, a biotech firm in Seattle researching novel approaches to autoimmune diseases.
In addition to her volunteer position as the Chief Operations Officer for HiveBio Community Lab, Elizabeth holds the position of Vice President of Pygmy Survival Alliance, and is on the Board of Trustees for the World Affairs Council of Seattle.


Scott Canaga: Chief Science Officer


Scott Canaga graduated from the Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organic Chemistry in 2013. He is the Director of Education at HiveBio. He’s responsible for developing workshops, teaching classes, producing educational materials and coordinating with volunteer teachers to provide quality content for our citizen scientists! He also has a number of other responsibilities at HiveBio. To name a couple, he assists with HiveBio’s administrative needs by coordinating cross-department communication and supports the Science department with project work.

hecktJeremy Heckt: Social Media Manager

Jeremy Heckt graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree, emphasizing organic chemistry, in June of 2014.

After graduating, he began working with HiveBio after coming to a community discussion group and approaching Bergen with the intent of volunteering for the organization. After a few weeks, it was obvious that he was fully committed to the project.

Jeremy is currently working in IT to pay his bills while he brushes up his chemistry knowledge in order to take a job in the industry which is his passion. As well, Jeremy is planning on pursuing a graduate level education in synthetic organic chemistry.


Max Showalter: Editor in Chief

Max Showalter graduated from department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University and is currently pursuing a dual-PhD in Oceanography and Astrobiology at the University of Washington studying polar microbiology. Having first entered the world of DIY-biology through iGEM while at Purdue, Max laid the groundwork for development community bio laboratory in Indiana as part of the team’s 2013 project. He currently serves as editor in chief for HiveBio, maintaining website content and organizing bimonthly discussion meetings.


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