An Open Source, Flexible Multiplexed Chemostat for DIY Bio Labs
Contact Info:
The goal of this project is to build an open-source, multiplexed chemostat that is flexible and allows for the rapid design and implementation of fermentation and evolution microbiology experiment. A chemostat permits the culture of cells in a controlled, steady-state environment. The project will build upon previous work that was pioneered in the Dunham and Klavins labs at the University of Washington, Seattle. Success in this project will result in a new piece of equipment to be used at Hivebio, for instance for microbiology evolution experiments, or testing and assaying synthetic biology constructs. Perhaps more importantly, because of its open-source nature, it can be broadly distributed to other DIY/Community labs nationally and internationally and therefore could have a long-standing impact in reducing the costs and barrier-to-entries to solid microbiology research.

Project Founders:

Chuck Harrison, Paul S, Alexandre Zanghellini

Project Advisors:

Prof. Herbert Sauro, Wilbert Copwland, Aaron Miller

Explore this project in more detail on the GitHub page.[youtube]

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