All good dinos come in twos: bioinformatics discussion and class

Bio Discussion Group – How to Build a Dinosaur
August 26th, 7:30pm – 9pm

Presented by Blake Allen, Bioinformatics expert
Location: Ada’s Technical Books, 425 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
Free Discussion Group

The “How to Create a Dinosaur” Class will be a free intro to bioinformatics module wherein students will learn why the science of Jurassic Park is a myth and how one could create a dinosaur using bioinformatics, genetics and various existing biological techniques. In this discussion group we will explore the genomic science behind how a dinosaur could be genetically engineered.

In this discussion we will explore why one would want to create a dinosaur, what dinosaurs could be created,  and existing biological techniques. In addition,  we’ll discuss ethical implications of creating dinosaurs: Are dinosaurs are sentient, what are the moral implications bringing back extinct creatures?

Check out the Meetup here!

This free informational session at Ada’s is also a precursor to our dinosaur workshop on September 5th, wherein you’ll have the opportunity to get signed up for the class where we will actually “design a dinosaur” using bioinformatics, programming and 3d modeling.

Learn more about this class at our class registration page, or  sign up here!