DIY Chemistry and Craftsmanship – Join us June 21-22

Join HiveBio for some DIY chemistry and craftsmanship at our scenic community lab location at the Talaris Center! Saturday June 21st Dr. Reitha Weeks will teach us about The Science Behind Lotions. Learn about the science and regulation of cosmetics and make your own lotion to take home!

June 22nd we are running another session of our DIY smartphone to digital microscope class. Build your own digital microscope by constructing a stand for your smartphone following this instructable! Explore the Talaris campus and find cool things to view with your new scope!

Read more about these classes on our Upcoming Class Schedule page, or contact with any questions.

Registration is available at our Class Registration page. See you in the lab!

Dr. Cortney Bouldin Leads Introductory Microscopy Class at HiveBio

On Saturday January 25th, HiveBio welcomed Cortney Bouldin Ph.D. to the community lab space where he presented an introductory course on Microscopy and Developmental Biology using zebrafish embryos and HiveBio’s DIY Microscopes.


Cort began with an introduction about the mechanics of microscopes and showed a diagram of how multiple lenses bend light to display images in compound microscopes. After a brief discussion of developmental biology and zebrafish embryos, Cort continued with the hands-on portion of the class.

The early stages of zebrafish development are remarkably similar to human development, which is why they are used as a model system for biological studies. Cort instructed students on how to pipette a small amount of 24 hour-old zebrafish embryos onto a microscope slide. Continue reading