Lab Ready to Open Friday October 18


We welcome everyone to the Grand Opening of HiveBio Community Laboratory. It is with great excitement and anticipation that we are making last minute preparations for our opening this Friday night at 7pm. Tour the lab, find out more about our objectives and educational programs, mingle with other biohackers and enjoy food and refreshments!

Our Current Projects list has recently been updated. Our first two projects involve creating a bacterial system for experimental genetics, and testing for a specific genetic repeat which is related to novelty-seeking characteristics.

Our address is 4000 NE 41st St, Building G, Seattle, WA 98105. We look forward to meeting you at the Grand Opening this Friday night!

HiveBio Lab Grand Opening

I’m happy to announce the Grand Opening of the HiveBio Community Laboratory! After much consideration we have decided upon a home for HiveBio. We are located at the Talaris Center just east of the University district with access to bus lines and ample free parking. Our lab is located in the west side of Building G on the south end of campus. We have around 800 square feet, including our research benches, offices and lab supplies. We are surrounded by koi ponds, willow trees, and a sense of serenity, the perfect location to foster creativity and teamwork!

Our address is listed below. Please feel free to share the flyer on social media. We welcome everyone to our Grand Opening regardless of scientific background. Find out what we are all about. The only thing you need to bring is your curiosity!