HiveBio now has…Hives!

The day has finally come! Thanks to the awesomeness of our new Master Beekeeper Colette Taylor, and her Apprentice, Allie Kerr, HiveBio has an ongoing beekeeping community project that our members can join! The information about how to join that is upcoming. For the moment, we’ve got two new Biology of Bees classes scheduled. Please join us to learn about the wonderful world of bees!

Click the images below to register for the classes:


Photos from our new Digital Microscopes!

HiveBio would like to thank the participants of our first DIY Digital Microscope workshop! We successfully turned 9 participants’ smartphones and 1 flip phone into digital microscopes by assembling a stand using wood, plexiglass, a few bolts, and securing the lens from a laser pointer into this assembly. The aparatus is light-weight, easy to take around with you, and has a convenient staging area for placing slides and random items to view.

Drilling and assembling the stands.

Drilling and assembling the stands.

These stands can be stored easily at home, and taken out whenever you want to look at something up close! They are great for general curiosity, and children will love exploring up close – bugs, leaves, food – you name it! The best part is being able to take photos and video using the smartphone’s digital camera. What will you do with your photos? Put them on your website? Turn them into holiday cards?

Check out our photo page to see some photos of the assembly and use of these Digital Microscope conversion stands!