Biomining – microbes in the deep earth

Mineral extraction can be expensive and technologically difficult in extreme or even moderate environments. Are better machines the answer, ore can we iron out these problems using bacteria? Biomining, using microbes to sequester and accumulate minerals out of natural materials as a means of acquiring them, is a technique already in use in some progressive mines, and one of great interest to the community. Unsurprisingly, synthetic biology has the potential play an exciting role in improving efficiency and capability of these little biominers.

Join us to discuss bacteria as the future of biomining at Ada’s technical books (425 15th Ave E) this Wednesday, Jan 20th at 7:30 PM

How does the DIY-bio community use DNA in synthetic biology?

Pop Quiz! What stores more information: 14,000 Blu-ray videos, or a single gram of DNA?

Don’t know the answer? Brush up on your knowledge of DNA – the workhorse of synthetic biology- as we discuss its role in DIY-bio. The discussion will start with a review of the tools we employ to access and utilize DNA, as well as what technologies and techniques are being used in other DIY-labs across the world.  Find us at Ada’s Technical Books (425 15th Ave. E) this Wednesday December 3rd from 7-9PM and be part of conversation.